Software Sourcing Service

Building software based eco systems obviously requires purchasing software. But prior to negotiating prices for placing a purchase order a way more important step is required. The right software for the given use case needs to be spoted, tested and finally selected.

Lots of software looks to be attractive from a distance view based on a nice marketing presentation. Some software has gorgeous user interfaces but a bad engine design. Other has a great engine behind but is difficult to use as of insufficeient user interfaces. And again other products are simply developed for a different use case with the result that they will never really fit into your needs.

x-dream-media has tested, deployed and managed lots of different software packages for many use cases you can think of. We do know the strength and weaknesses of competing products. We do know what they have been made for and what they can be used for. We do know how to make the best use of the specific software products by working around their weaknesses if required.

But we at x-dream-media also do know the sales channels and we do have direct access to all relevant vendors. We do help in selecting, testing and purchasing software products. Thus x-dream-media is an excellent partner in tendering as well as sourcing software products.