Signiant Harmonic WFS Component PRO

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This Signiant Component (actually its a set of components) is designed as a functional replacement for the legacy Signiant „CarbonCoder” Component. In difference to the Standard Version, the PRO version of this Component is designed to submit simple as well as complex tasks to a WFS. The definition for complex task within Rhozet finds its place at the Rhozet ComplexSource definition document.

WFS Component

Simple Rhozet Task:

  • One Input File – One Output File with the same duration as Input
  • Output can only be manipulated using Rhozet Video or Audio Filters and exporter settings

Complex Rhozet Task:

  • Multiple Input Files – One Output File
  • Multiple Complex Input Files (Audio and Video from different Files)

The Component will wait until each job is finished while displaying the progress on Signiant Manager and Mediaexchange Interface. When all jobs are done, a HTML Job Summary containing a list of Files that could not be processed on WFS Side (including Error Messages) and all success Files will be available.

Other special Features of the Pro Version

  • WFS HA Support
  • WFS Complex Sources (A/V track combinations from different files, stitching etc..)
  • Cutting and/or joining multiple Source Files