2019 BVE - again in London

The traditional beginning of the year for us - BVE show in London. This time we are going there with more partners and much bigger booth (31,5 sqm compared to last year 8). We are happy to welcome our customers and all interested parties at our booth from 26-28 February on the stand G24!


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This year together with us are seven partners:

Atende Software – CDN, CMS, player apps

The redGalaxy CDN service (content delivery network) allows for the delivery of files and multimedia content to a large number of telecommunications networks subscribers. The service is delivered by clusters of distribution servers located in major domestic and foreign Internet exchange points (PLIX, TPIX, Thinx, KIX, and EPIX). Currently, the redGalaxy CDN infrastructure consists of over 200 nodes, and its maximum daily load is 400 Gbit/s, making it the largest network of this kind in Poland.

Read Atende Software press release here.
Watch Atende Software interview at @BVE2019

Capella Systems – transcoding and live broadcasting

Cambria FTC // Cambria Cluster

Already in 4th generation, the Cambria FTC and Cambria Cluster are an innovative transcoding product… Most resent standard features:

  • SD / HD / UHD and up to 8K
  • xAVC, ProRes, DNxHD, JPEG2000
  • H.264 & H.265 
  • HDR support 
  • Dolby E & Dolby Vision
  • S3 read & write

Cambria Live // Cambria Broadcast Manager // Live Edit

New release of Cambria Live Series v4.1, a software-based production suite for professional live streaming broadcast production. This all-in-one system handles live switching, production functions, encoding, and distribution.

  • MPEG-DASH and CMAF support for Akamai
  • Failover (backup stream) support for DASH/HLS with Akamai
  • Ad Pre-fetch request to Yospace HLS/DASH targets
  • Software-based cue tone trigger feature
  • Embed splice_event_id from SCTE into Ad Preset

Learn more about Capella Systems highlights at BVE2019 in a webinar here
Watch Capella Systems interview at @BVE2019

Flow Works – MAM // PAM // PMS

Flow Works offers software-based tools for media processing and distribution environment.

  • FlowCenter – highly integrated, complete workflow and asset management solution.
  • New Flow Ant – micro media management appliance with GPU acceleration.
  • All-new Flow Archive GUI (Editorial GUI)
  • Flow Wins Porsche. Media production and collaboration, pool management, publishing to multiple playouts will be handled by Flow.

Metaliquid – AI video analysis solution

Customized on-premises and cloud state of the art AI recognition and classification services to meet specific industry needs, was for the first time with us at IBC2018. Metaliquid has developed a proprietary deep learning framework and neural network architectures. The API based solution enables processing of large quantities of video contents delivering timecoded descriptive metadata.

  • Face recognition 
  • Shot and setting recognition
  • Sensitive content detection
  • Opening and closing credits detection
  • Sport actions classification
  • Content type classification
  • Audio and language classification

Learn more about Metaliquid highlights at BVE2019 in a webinar here

Libero – playout

  • Libero Playout is a software-based playout automation system which provides powerful, flexible and user friendly broadcasting solutions via a client-server architecture.
  • Libero Ingest is a flexible multi-channel ingest, transcoding and encoding software with powerful and user-friendly features.

Watch Libero Systems interview at @BVE2019

Squared Paper - Enterprise Service Bus & microservices toolkit

Read Squared Paper press release here.
Watch Squared Paper interview at @BVE2019

Woody Technologies – file ingest, social ingest and outgest 

Woody Technologies offers the smartest ingest solutions for your media processing workflows, well integrated with PAM, MAM and media storage.

  • Version 3.1 of all Woody software will be presented, bringing several major enhancements.
  • Woody in2it server, a unique client-server ingest tool for all media formats, with web-based intuitive UX and strong workflow control features, streamlining local and remote ingest workflows.
  • Woody in2it Go, the ultimate tool for reporters on the field to encode, transfer and notify their footage or stories to the broadcaster facility.
  • Woody Social, ingest from any social network directly to your production environment.

Woody in2it server, Woody Ingest, Woody Outgest and Woody Social can now be deployed in a scalable architecture containing multiple nodes. This brings two major improvements - redundancy and load balancing – for large Woody deployments.

Learn more about Woody Technologies highlights at BVE2019 in a webinar here
Watch Woody Technologies interview at @BVE2019

x-dream-media – software integrator

  • Signiant Managers + Agents and WFM - new connector to Huawei cDVR, Tectronix Aurora, Scrubber Mosaic Picture Generator, WebVTT Generator
  • Signiant Managers + Agents and WFM - improved connector component to Capella FTC to support token-based security and submitter-based user separation
  • OneGUI - improved connector PlugIn to Capella FTC to support token-based security and submitter-based user separation and newer versions of Telestream Vantage and MOG Speedrail
  • Ingest Browser - new storage Indexing based on storage event listening watch folder
  • MFP - improvements to playlist-based SDI-Playout, frame and field-based accurate positioning, settings management
  • SERVUS node - new Compliance Recording function

Watch x-dream-media interview at @BVE2019

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