BVE 2018 - when broadcast meets snow

We've attended BVE 2018 by teaming up with x-dream-distributions vendor partners Capella, FlowWorks, Woody and Atende. We are happy about having met with lots of our London customers but also with many new prospects from UK, Europe and the Middle East. BVE is about to establish itself as the show for the professionals very early each year. New at the show was the Connect Media area where vendors from the OTT business have exhibited. Thus we've been at the right place between production and publishing.


We've focused on showing our products for workflow orchestration (Workflow System), starting (Ingest Browser and Stitcher) and monitoring (ONE GUI) as well as file transport.

On the other hand, we've promoted our solutions for content aggregation and publishing. Such solutions make heavy use of our Workflow System, our Workflow Components plugIns as well as various 3rd party software engines.

A special challenge for exhibitors, service companies and our visitors was getting to the ExCeL tradeshow areal as of London was nicely covered with a thin blanket of snow. We've liked it.

BVE 2018 Gallery