Products and Solutions


SERVUS Node - The video IO Servant

multi format recording
scheduled recording
playlist playback
stream input / output
SDI input / output
file input / output


Multi Format Player

Multi Format Player

multi format playback
audio channel selction
side by side view
playlist support
SDI output


MXF remuxer

Ingest Browser

remote file browsing
network clip review
audio monitoring
trimm and stitch
workflow integration




job monitoring
service monitoring
SLA reporting
billing reporting
failure notifcation


workflow in WFM

Workflow Manager

workflow orchestration
3rd party integration
metadata processing
file processing
workflow monitoring


Carbon Importer

Carbon Importer PlugIn

product enhancement
adds source video formats
increases processing speed
increases stability
solves problems
fixes bugs


AVISynth exporter

Carbon AVISynth Video Filter PlugIn

product enhancement
adds processing filters
increases filtering quality
fills gaps


FFMPEG exporter cut

Carbon FFMPEG Exporter PlugIn

product enhancement
adds encoder and formats
increases processing speed
increases coding quality
solves problems
fills gaps